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We are excited to offer LIVE virtual classes of our in-person Martial Arts classes online.  Same class times and class schedule as our in person classes:


Mon, Tues & Thurs, Kids ages 4-7:

Mon, Tues & Thurs, Kids ages 8-12:

Mon, Tues & Thurs, Ages 13 and up:

VIRTUAL Class Options:

1) 3 months $55 per month for all 3 classes offered each week

2) 6 months $50 per month for all 3 classes offered each week

3) 2 Student Month to Month $75 per month for all 3 classes offered each week


We will offer a free class to anyone who wishes to try it out just as we would with the in person classes.  Simply FB message or call 256-542-1138 to book your free class.  After you have spoken to someone,  you will receive an email to change your password in Mindbody which is something we set up on the backend.  After you have reset your password, you will then receive an email 15-30 minutes before class time with a link to the class.  All you need to do after that is click the link from the device you want to view it from to stream the class.  If you have any issues at all, please feel free to call, FB Message or email for assistance.


You can choose to either pay the total up front, or you can choose to set up auto draft.  There are no penalties for cancelling early or other hidden fees.  Just be sure that if you do choose to cancel early, you cancel during the month before.

We hope to see you (virtually) there! Tang soo!